Year 3


The Year 3 classes are: 3SB and 3ML.

Mrs Bean (class teacher) 3SB

Mrs Lloyd (class teacher) 3ML

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Year 3 Curriculum Map 2016 / 2017


Random Acts of Kindness trip to Barnsley town centre, Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Y3 pupils accompanied Y2 pupils into Barnsley town centre in order to hand out the salt dough hearts with attached quotes of kindness. This was the culmination of their project about kindness and they certainly made the day of numerous passers by in town who were touched by the act. Well done to Molly Kaye, Luke McCarthy, Jacob Musgrave, Evie Burns, Fynn Doak-Smith, Oscar Markey, Nicole Selby, Isabella Wilby, Katie Billingham, Grace Lindley and Brooke Tait for being so kind and for being excellent ambassadors for our school.

Random Acts of Kindness Project update

For our Random Acts of Kindness project some of our Y3 worked with several Y6 pupils to make ‘Wilthorpe Kindness Hearts’ : salt dough hearts with quotes of kindness attached. These will be handed out to the general public in Barnsley by selected pupils, the idea being to empower the children to become advocates of peace and coincides with anti-bullying week. 

Thank you to Sophie Duke, Millie Robinson-Walton and Megan Sharp for working with our Y3 pupils to help them with the RAK project and for being excellent role models

Random Acts of Kindness Project

Some of our pupils are involved in our ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ project. The focus of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, involving children from Y2 and Y3, is to encourage children to consider how to be a good friend, how to reduce conflict in the classroom/playground and how to encourage adults to be kinder to each other. The idea is to empower the children to become advocates of peace and coincides with anti-bullying week. The pupils have been involved in some short workshops linked to PSHE, Friendship and Kindness within the Local Community. On the morning of Friday 18th November, our intention is to accompany the pupils who have been involved in the project into Barnsley town centre in order to distribute messages of kindness and small gifts designed by Y3. We have already been granted permission from Barnsley Council to do this and have invited a representative from the Barnsley Chronicle to join us. Here are some photos of pupils from 3ML and 3SB with their ‘Friendship Foxes’.



This year marks the centenary of the First World War and, to commemorate this, Wilthorpe Primary school has been putting on a variety of activities that encourage children to understand how war has shaped our society and also how they, as the next generation, are responsible for shaping the future. As John F. Kennedy put it: “Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.”

 We therefore arranged for fifteen pupils from Y3 to Y5 to visit Experience Barnsley Museum on Wednesday 2nd November to explore the ‘Stories of the Somme’ exhibition which tells the story of the worst battle in the British Army’s history, through the eyes of local people. The Battle of the Somme raged from 1st July to 19th November in 1916.  It was a terrifyingly hard struggle for the soldiers involved and Barnsley’s men and boys were at the forefront of the fight. Through the exhibition pupils discovered more about how the Great War affected the lives of those fighting on the front line and also the lives of their families at home.

Pupils also took part in a practical workshop in which they created a symbol of hope for the future by making a wire poppy to bring back to school to display both during and after our Remembrance service on Friday 11th November. Here are some photos which include Jayden Brown and Jensen Matthewman from 3SB and William Nyuke and Kaydee POwers from 3ML: