Year 2

Random Acts of Kindness trip to Barnsley town centre, Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Y3 pupils accompanied Y2 pupils into Barnsley town centre in order to hand out the salt dough hearts with attached quotes of kindness. This was the culmination of their project about kindness and they certainly made the day of numerous passers by in town who were touched by the act. Well done to Max W, Lucy R, Grace and Lily B from 2CW and Freya H, Lucas D, Leah and Yaseen from 2LG.


Random Acts of Kindness Project

Some of our pupils are involved in our ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ project. The focus of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, involving children from Y2 and Y3, is to encourage children to consider how to be a good friend, how to reduce conflict in the classroom/playground and how to encourage adults to be kinder to each other. The idea is to empower the children to become advocates of peace and coincides with anti-bullying week. The pupils have been involved in some short workshops linked to PSHE, Friendship and Kindness within the Local Community. On the morning of Friday 18th November, our intention is to accompany the pupils who have been involved in the project into Barnsley town centre in order to distribute messages of kindness and small gifts designed by Y3. We have already been granted permission from Barnsley Council to do this and have invited a representative from the Barnsley Chronicle to join us. Here are some photos of pupils from 2CW with their ‘Friendship Foxes’.

April 29th 2016 ¿Hablas español?

2LG and 2CW have been busy learning Spanish through sport, reading and singing. They have taken part in a team 'colours' relay, read about Elmer the Elephant's love of colours and have even learned the Colours of the Rainbow song, Un Arco Iris,  in Spanish. Click on videos below to see their progress: ¡Fantástico!

Look at some of the exciting things we have done so far this year - A trip to the Fire Museum, making our own "Willy Wonka" chocolate bars for World Book Day and investigating the effects of salt on melting ice.



All National Curriculum subjects will be linked through topic work. Wherever possible, visits will be arranged to support these topics. Throughout the year, RE will focus on Buddhism.



Practice your counting skills by playing these fun games. Click here


Reading Books

Your child will have a home reading book chosen from a selection of colour banded books. You may help your child to change their reading book as often as they wish. Please listen to your child read regularly. Log each read in their purple reading log as these count towards reading miles certificates and rewards.


Library Books

In addition to home reading books your child will choose a book from the library each week. Please ensure your child's book is in school on library day. 



Handwriting is practised daily, in order for the children in Year 2 to develop their joined-up style. The handwriting style adopted by school is the cursive style, a copy of which is displayed outside the classrooms or click here to print a copy



Each Friday a paper based homework will be sent home for the children to complete. Homework should be returned by the following Wednesday. In addition there may be online tasks to complete. These tasks can be accessed from the Homework page of this website. 



In May, the children will be be assessed and these assessments will be reported to the Local Authority. The assessments are based on their day to day work and also on the the end of Key Stage 1 assessment tests (SATs). It would be very much appreciated if you would avoid taking your children on holiday at this time.



For the safety of the children, long hair should be tied back and earrings must be taken out. The PE kit is a white T-shirt and blue or black shorts or leggings. In the summer months, weather permitting, we are likely to do P.E. outside, so please ensure the children have trainers to wear. You may wish to send your child to school with a hat and some sun protection cream when it is particularly warm.


Medical conditions

It is very important that you inform school if your child has a medical condition. In the case of children with asthma, it is extremely important that they have an inhaler with them each day.


Transition to KS2

During the year, the children will make several visits to the Star Building in order to make them familiar with the building, the staff and the other pupils. They will attend some assemblies, meet their new teachers and take part in a shared Sports Day.