We have the following classes in school;

Early Years Foundation Stage;

Nursery am and pm

The nursery is taught by Miss K Brooks and she is supported by Mrs Blackburn and Miss Harrison 



Class RKD is taught by Mrs Dickinson and Miss Kiernan

Class RSP is taught by Mrs Lynch


Key Stage One;

Year 1

Class 1EO is taught by Miss Oldknow and Mrs Ellis

Class 1LC is taught by Mrs Cray


Year 2

Class 2CW is taught by Mrs C Walker

Class 2LG is taught by Miss Gill


Lower Key Stage Two;

Year 3

Class 3ML is taught by Miss Lloyd.

Class 3SB is taught by Mrs Bean


Year 4

Class 4AM is taught by Miss Myers

Class 4DE is taught by Mr Etherington

Class 4AB is taught by Mr Backhouse


Upper Key Stage Two;

Year 5

Class 5GW is taught by Miss Wright

Class 5DH is taught by Mr Hague.


Year 6 

Class 6HR is taught by Mrs Heppenstall and Miss Rao

Class 6BR is taught by Mrs Brown and Miss Rao



Mrs Rao also teaches French and Spanish from Year 2 - Year 6