Children’s names may be placed on the nursery class waiting list after their second birthday, they will be offered a morning or afternoon session.

Children are admitted to nursery in chronological order of their dates of birth, and not on length of time on the waiting list. We aim to offer, where possible, at least one term’s nursery experience to each child before starting school.  However, the demand for places is always high.

Attendance in the nursery class does not necessarily guarantee a place in the Primary School.

Please ask in the nursery for a copy of the nursery prospectus for further details.


 The Authority’s admission arrangements which will be implemented for the 2016 -2017 school year are as follows:

  •  The school’s standard admission number is 60.
  •   Parents have the choice about when they would like their child to start school (see details overleaf).


 Parents are now able to apply for their child to attend any school in Barnsley, or the surrounding district, regardless of their address. A formal application must be made to the school of your choice using the form in the Local Authority’s Admissions Handbook. The Admissions Handbook will be sent by the school to all those parents of children registered in nursery and from the Local Authority to all other parents. 

 You can also apply online for a primary school place via the Online Admissions site of 

 All decisions regarding the admission of children to the school rest with the Local Authority, please refer to the BMBC Admission Policy by clicking HERE.

 Parents are to get greater flexibility over choosing when their children start primary school.

 Parents of children who have their fourth birthday between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 will be offered a full time place in school from 1 September 2016.

 The offer to parents at Wilthorpe Primary School:-

 Your child can be admitted to the reception class in the September following their fourth birthday.

 For parents who do not wish to accept the offer of a full time place in school for their child the options are;

  •  Part time school place (morning or afternoon sessions)
  • Part time early years place (morning or afternoon sessions – 15 hours per week)       – in the nursery
  • Defer admission to school to a term within the same school year (January or April)
  • Defer admission to the following school year (year 1)

 The following options are not available;

  • A full time school place split between the school and the nursery
  • Any split of a part time school place
  • Splitting a full time early years place between two nurseries at separate schools.

 Please note;

  •  Parents of children in the nursery must apply for a place at the school if they want their child to transfer to the reception class
  • Attendance at the nursery does not guarantee admission to the school

 School admissions

 If you require more information about admission arrangements for primary schools, please contact School Admissions if you have any questions on 01226 773689 / 773677 / 773588 / 773502 or via email at